I wanted to have a Viveve treatment for one main reason – actually, two—twins!! With my double blessings came double trouble in the form of vaginal concerns, namely changes in the muscles of the vagina and surrounding tissues. Stress urinary incontinence was a big issue for me, where I was unable to sneeze, cough, laugh, or blow my nose without leakage. It was embarrassing! And seeing as I’m no spring chicken, I had some vaginal dryness, not to mention decreased sexual sensation and enjoyment, which bothered me as well.


I did my Viveve session over my lunch break right in the office of Charlotte Skin & Laser. I had a little bit of anxiety over not knowing what it would truly feel like until it was being done, but my fears were put to rest by the caring and skilled staff and, furthermore, after I saw the part. In contrast to some of the other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, where the penetrable part almost looks like an extra appendage, the Viveve vaginal treatment part is very small – like toothbrush size – yes, you’ll never look at a toothbrush the same. In fact, according to Geneveve, the “monopolar energy penetrates 3-5 mm deep into the connective tissue.” It was a comfortable 30-minute treatment and didn’t require numbing, sedation or anesthesia.

Before the Viveve treatment started, it was over. Another bonus is there was no downtime after the treatment, though as an extra precautionary, the staff recommended to refrain from intercourse for about a day or two. Otherwise, my experience at Charlotte Skin & Laser was top notch and the staff treated me with such wonderful care that I’ll be sure to return. As I went on with my day, I immediately noticed the results of my Viveve treatment. I did not experience any discomfort, and what’s best, no urine leakage issues, and that was after only one treatment! Hi, confidence booster!! After only two days, greater vaginal tightness during intercourse was felt by my husband and I, which boosted intimacy and arousal.

I’m so happy and very satisfied that I did a Geneveve by Viveve session and I highly recommend it for any woman experiencing dissatisfaction with your vaginal comfort and intimacy. I can feel the difference, and what a difference it has made to the quality of my life.


Do you Struggle with stress incontinence, vaginal dryness and/ or loss of sensation? Join us on Thursday, September 14, 2017 from 6pm-8pm  to find out if Geneveve is the treatment for you! We will have drinks, apps, door prizes and special treatment pricing for this ladies only event! Space is limited so email info@charlotteskinandlaser.com to let us know you’re interested or give us a call at 704-333-9113