Have you ever been in search for something simple, but ended up stumbling across a gold mine? Meet Glenda P.— a patient of Charlotte Skin & Laser since 2016. If anyone can attest to this experience, she certainly can.

A couple of years ago, Glenda happened to meet a young lady around Christmastime. The woman told her about Dr. Rostan saying that she was her dermatologist. Shortly after that encounter, Glenda found herself at her first appointment here at Charlotte Skin & Laser.

She’d gone to other dermatologists before, but the very first day she met Dr. Rostan, immediately she could tell something was different. It felt different. Dr. Rostan came up to her, looked at her and simply said “I know it”.

“She’s got a talent where she can see things that make a big difference”

Over the next couple of years Glenda saw “incredible improvement on [her] face”— constantly receiving compliments everywhere she went. Glenda went from caking on her makeup to now only wearing a hint tinted sunscreen simply for protection, not for coverage.

When her face started looking so good, her husband said “your hands look just like your grandmother’s hands”, so she went to Dr. Rostan and sure enough she replied “yep we can fix that”.

To treat this, Dr. Rostan recommended Sclerotherapy and Radiesse® filler. This treatment option not only allowed Glenda to have a comfortable experience, but left her with amazing results.

“Dr. Rostan basically created a skin care and maintenance program catered especially to me. She really makes you feel good about yourself— very thoughtful and personable”. So personable that Glenda came home one day to Jan Marini’s hand cream and a handwritten note from Dr. Rostan, just because she was on her mind.

“Dr. Rostan is unique in the sense that she doesn’t always give what you ask for. She will tell you no, but she will also tell you exactly what you need. She has a plan for you.” Glenda has learned that Dr. Rostan is very open and direct, and over time “you really develop of level of trust with her”. In her experience, she’d never had a doctor to be so personable, especially one she hadn’t met before.

“I’ve just been so pleased. It truly is a treat to get to come.” 

hands before
hands after