Everyone has had a pimple at one time or another. Today we discuss the most common reason your acne regimen fails.

  1. Compliance.

Unfortunately, acne does not clear up in 1 week – or 6 for that matter. It can take up to 12 weeks to see the full effect of your acne treatment! It is extremely important to be consistent and persistent with use of both topical and oral (pills) medications. Get into a routine of cleansing and applying your topical medication twice a day, morning and night – don’t skimp on your routine.

  1. Terminally clogged pores.

The medical term for a clogged pore is comedome. Closed comedomes are small little bumps seen under the skin and open comedomes are technically blackheads. Both open and closed comedomes will never resolve with oral meds alone and often require more than just the use of a topical medication. These persistently clogged pores often require physical removal or extractions. Extractions should be performed by a professional through a facial with an optional combination of a chemical peel for best results.

  1. Relying only on prescription medications.

Acne responds best with use of prescription medications as well as good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices. Always – yes always – wash your face before bedtime and never sleep with makeup on. Ideally, cleanse your facial skin twice a day, anything more would begin to strip your face of natural oils and cause your skin to produce more which can conflict with your skincare regimen. Use of glycolic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide cleansers and lotions can assist your prescription acne medicines in clearing your acne. A home treatment mask can compliment a prescribed regimen and help maintain results achieved from facials done in the office. Live right. Smoking, stress and lack of sleep are a set up for acne flares. Eat a nutritious and balanced diet and try to have at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

  1. Stopping acne medications when your face gets clear.

Acne is a chronic issue and just because the symptoms and bumps are gone does not mean that the underlying cause is resolved. The skin is still prone to clogged pores and active acne lesions – especially through the teenage years and often beyond. Keep using your prescribed topical creams to prevent new lesions from forming.

  1. No follow up or follow through.

Due to the chronic nature of acne, it is important to follow up with us and let us help you with your acne regimen. When you are better, let us help you with a maintenance plan. Be ready for long term treatment plans that may change for acne flares.

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