Fraxel Re:pair®

Fraxel Re:pair® Laser Treatment

Fractional lasers deliver laser energy deep into the skin in a pattern of tiny, microscopic impacts. Fraxel Re:pair is the most aggressive form, using ablative CO2 laser energy to provide dramatic results for even the most severely damaged skin. Ablative means the upper layer and deeper layers of skin are vaporized, temporarily leaving a small open wound. It is like many small laser holes are place into the skin. Dr. Rostan was the first doctor in the Southeast to offer this treatment and her patients have had amazing results.

The Fraxel Re:pair laser vaporizes tiny columns of skin, stimulating the body’s natural skin cell and collagen regenerative responses. Skin tightening can occur as wound healing tightens and closes the vaporized columns of tissue. Because of the microscopic laser impact, there is minimal damage to surrounding healthy tissue, allowing for rapid healing. The risks of ablative laser resurfacing are markedly reduced because the Fraxel Re:pair® only treats a small portion of the skin surface and the micro wounds are sealed after 48 hours.

Recovery from Fraxel Re:pair
Following Fraxel treatment, your skin will feel very hot like a bad sunburn for about 1-2 hours. Wound care is most intense the first 2 days with soaks and keeping the skin moist with thick ointment. Around day 4 or 5, you can probably start using cream instead of the thick ointment and may be able to apply makeup for brief time periods. Most patients can return to work and other regular activities about a week after treatment. We will give you specific instructions for recovery after your Fraxel Re:pair treatment.

Results of Fraxel Re:pair
The results of this procedure are visible immediately after treatment, and will continue to improve with time as collagen renewal occurs over the next 3-6 months. One treatment is sufficient for many patients but when there is more severe wrinkling or with acne scars, more than one treatment may be needed.