Looking for fuller, more beautiful lips? The new Restylane Kysse delivers on all that you want – more volume but not puffy, better shape but natural – and best of all – a very kissable feel!

I have done lip injections for years but with typically very small amounts and in limited areas in the lips because other fillers can leave the lips looking unnatural, over-plumped and distorted. I was so excited when I first started using Kysse in 2020 – I was able to create a beautiful shape and increase volume while maintaining the features – the borders, the cupid’s bow, the proportions – that define a natural lip.

Kysse can give thin lips definition so we can add volume and not create a distorted shape. Kysse can enhance a naturally gorgeous lip – giving more volume while not detracting from or changing the naturally beautiful shape and appearance. Kysse as a lip filler has been a game changer for me. I have done more lip injections in the last 10 months than I probably have over the last 3 years. And all to rave reviews! Patients (including men) are thrilled!

Lips can be enhanced to battle the loss of volume and definition with age and sun damage or just to enhance volume in a younger patient. Another benefit of filler in the lip is the hydration and plumping effect that diminishes lines on the lips and makes the lips look more healthy and vibrant.

If you have thought about prettier, fuller, better defined or more youthful lips, your time has come with the advent of Kysse. Everything you want from a lip enhancement and none of the unnatural, puffy lip. Oh – and a study was done where partners were asked to rate feel of their partners lips after kiss. Conclusion – very natural and very kissable!!  I encourage you to give it a try!