With the skin care market growing out of control, patients are constantly faced with the decision of where to purchase their skin care products.  Is there a difference between the products your dermatologist recommends and the ones at the beauty store and online? The answer is yes, and here are 5 reasons why physician grade products are the way to go.

  1. Physician Grade is Clinically Proven

Physician grade skin care products spend the larger portion of their budget on research and clinical testing. Backed by scientific evidence, the combination of ingredients used in these products will give users the results they are looking for.

  1. Don’t Fall for the Marketing Ploys

Unlike physician grade products, the majority of skincare brands found in department and drug stores spend a larger portion of their budget on marketing. Resulting in great smelling, beautifully packaged products that are being promoted by your favorite celebrity! They promise all of the outcomes you want but fall short on delivery. This is because they are packed with irritating fillers and perfumes that provide no real benefits for the skin. Feel like you’re constantly trying new products trying to find one that works? — This is why!

  1. Your Dermatologist Knows your Skin

Medical professionals understand that every patient’s skin is unique. With years of training and professional experience in the art of skincare, your dermatologist will examine your skin and work with you to develop an individualized treatment and home skin care plan tailored to deliver results. In contrast, beauty counter representatives are trained to use general information to categorizing you skin care needs into broad treatment categories that aren’t personalized specifically for you.  They sell you on the marketing strategy the company spent so much money to develop.

  1. Your Physician Won’t Recommend Things You Don’t Need.

Our number one focus is helping patients achieve healthy and great looking skin now and in the future.  Turning to a dermatologist for skin care purchases helps patients avoid the hit-or-miss experience often associated with retail store buys.

  1. Beware of the Imitators

Be wary of discount physician grade products that are priced well under the suggested retail price. Often these products (found on sites such as eBay and Amazon) are counterfeit, expired or contain harmful filler ingredients that can potentially damage the skin.  Purchasing from licensed physician office retailers is the safer way to go.   Have questions about the skin care products you are currently using? Give us a call @ 704.956.0664 or email us at info@charlotteskinandlaser.com 

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