We are all very familiar with the use of cosmetic fillers in areas like the cheeks to restore lost volume and create a more contoured effect or even the lips to achieve the ideal pout. But there are many other uses for dermal fillers to help patients achieve a more desirable appearance and regain self-confidence.

Here are 5 uses for filler you didn’t know about:


  1. Earlobe Rejuvenation: Aging and sun damage can cause wrinkling and loss of volume and structure on the earlobe- overtime resulting in an undesirable appearance. But this can be corrected with the use of dermal fillers to bolster and plump up the earlobe. The treatment is quick (about 30 minutes), has no associated downtime and yields immediate results.
  1. Non-Surgical Nose Job : Patients who wish to alter the shape of their nose but don’t want to undergo surgery have another option- The non-surgical nose job! During this treatment hyaluronic acid filler is used to achieve a more desired nose shape and appearance. Treatment time is short and has virtually no associated downtime. While this treatment cannot change the size of the nose like surgical rhinoplasty, it does help to reduce bumps, raise a flat bridge, lift a drooping tip or smooth out indentations. 
  1. Hollow Temples : Not many people pay attention to their temples but sometimes the loss of volume in the temple region can create an unflattering shadow effect leading to an old, gaunt appearance of the face and eyes. Filler is used to add volume and contour the temple area, highlighting the eyes and eliminating any undesirable shadowing.
  1. Upper Eyelid Hollows :Hollow eyelids can have a dramatic aging effect on the eyes making them appear sunken and heavy. With correct and delicate use of fillers in the upper eyelid area, signs of aging can be drastically reversed for a more youthful looking appearance. Adding filler to the hollow area of the eyes also corrects asymmetry on patients experiencing hollowing in one eye and not the other.
  1. Hand Rejuvenation: As we age, our face is not the only place where volume is lost. Volume can also be lost in the hands making them appear old, exposing unsightly tendons and blood vessels. Restoration of lost volume with the use of cosmetic fillers can greatly improve the appearance of thin hands for a more youthful appearance. The procedure is quick and easy with very little downtime.

Costs vary for each option, contact our office to schedule a consultation for more information.

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