Elizabeth Arden’s words to live by are “to be beautiful and natural is the birthright of every woman.”  I love that quote, but not everyone has that natural, flawless glow when they wake up in the morning, some of us have to work for it.

Last week we discussed Elizabeth Arden’s new professional skincare line, Elizabeth Arden Rx,  (click here if you missed it). Today our focus will be on her medical-grade chemical peels! Some of you may become skeptical at the mention of chemical peels, thinking they will leave you looking like Samantha in the infamous Sex in the City episode but you shouldn’t be.  Chemical peels are used to treat a wide range of skin concerns on all different skin types. I personally put chemical peels in the same category as getting your teeth cleaned twice a year, getting your hair cut and colored every 6 weeks and getting your nails done every two weeks.

You take routine care of your teeth, hair and nails – why not treat your skin the same way?  Some of you probably get facials once a year or so, maybe more and while I think that is a great way to relax, it usually does not stimulate enough of a reaction in the skin to make a change or prevent future damage; that’s where chemical peels come in.

Chemical peels are meant to:

  1. Stimulate collagen and elastin production
  2. Get rid of dead skin and increase cell turnover
  3. Improve skin texture
  4. Unclog pores
  5. Even out skin tone and
  6. Reverse signs of aging.

Elizabeth Arden now offers 3 Professional Peel Systems designed to do that and more:

Anti-Aging Peel System – Formulated for mild to moderate signs of aging and photo damaged skin.  Moderate peeling of the skin begins 48hrs after treatment and lasts for 2-3 days – full results by day 7. A series of 2-5 treatments are suggested spaced a month apart.

Clarifying Peel System – Targets mild to moderate acne and the pigmentation it leaves behind. Mild peeling of the skin begins 48hrs after treatment and last for 2-3 days – full results by day 7.  A series of 2-5 treatments are suggested spaced a month apart.

Hydrating Peel System – Increases hydration levels in the skin while temporarily firming and brightening the skin without any downtime making this a great treatment prior to special occasions.  This peel is also a great option after more aggressive peels or laser treatments to help maintain your results.   No matter your skin care concern, the right chemical peel can help promote and maintain healthy skin!


*Written by Keerstan Jackson   Interested in a chemical peel but not sure which one is for you? Call us @ 704.333.9113 or email us at info@charlotteskinandlaser.com we are happy to assist.