So you want more results than a non-invasive procedure can deliver but don’t want to go under the knife? Say hello to ThermiTight, a micro-invasive, one-time in office procedure that takes only 1 hour!

What is ThermiTight?

ThermiTight is a new radiofrequency device that tightens skin in a minimally invasive one hour procedure. It is unique from other radiofrequency (RF) devices in that the RF energy is delivered under the skin rather than through the surface of the skin. This allows greater heating and tightening of the deep skin structures.

How it works:

After skin is numbed with local anesthetic, a tiny probe is inserted under the skin and delivers radiofrequency energy directly to the targeted deep tissues to heat and tighten as well as stimulate new collagen. Because the probe is under the skin, higher temperatures can be achieved in the deep layers without overheating the skin surface. For added safety, thermal imaging is used during the procedure to monitor skin temperature. There is very little downtime – just some swelling and bruising – then back to normal activities after 3-4 days.


You can see some tightening as soon as 2-4 weeks but the treated area continues to improve slowly and gradually over the next 6 months giving a very natural result.

Since introducing ThermiTight in Fall of 2014 we have seen wonderful results and our Thermi patients have been very happy. ThermiTight can be combined with liposuction in areas such as the chin and neck area and the chest wall (the pesky bra fat). It can also tighten knees and arms – areas that are very difficult to treat with surgery due to large scars.

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