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Discussions pertaining to sexual health and wellness has long been considered taboo. As women, we just don’t talk about it! However, many women suffer in silence from a myriad of conditions ranging from vaginal laxity and dryness to stress urinary incontinence.

At Charlotte Skin & Laser, we have a solution. Meet Viveve.

30% of women experience

urinary incontinence

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What a difference less than an hour commitment makes. I was a bit hesitant at first but everyone put me at ease. Painless surprisingly as I only felt warmth. If bladder leakage is your problem, this is so easy and you should not hesitate. Viveve solves multiple problems and I was so thrilled!

– Viveve Patient

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You Not Alone

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What it is?
Viveve is a cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) device. It employs heating and cooling. Radiofrequency energy delivers heat to the vaginal tissue while simultaneously utilizing cryogen cooling to protect the superficial mucosal surface. This safely allows greater contact time on the tissue.

As a result, your body generates new collagen, restores existing collagen, and tightens vaginal tissue.


Stress Urinary Incontinence

  • Mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence with symptoms for 6 months or greater
  • Patient seeking to decrease urinary leakage associated with:
    + Coughing
    + Sneezing
    + Running
    + Heavy lifting
    + Jumping

Vaginal Laxity

  • Mild to moderate vaginal laxity
  • Patient reporting decreased sexual sensation
  • Patient seeking improvements in sexual:
    + Arousal
    + Orgasm
    + Lubrication

Viveve is NOT an option if you have an implantable electric device like a pacemaker or automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (AICD).

What should I expert during my treatment?

  1. 45 minutes to 1 hour in-office procedure
  2. No medications, anesthesia, or numbing cream is needed pre or post-treatment
  3. A small medical device is inserted through the vagina and placed on the tissue for several seconds, then moved to treat adjacent tissue
  4. Patients report feeling sensations of cooling or warmth,or a combination of the two during treatment
  5. Majority of patients find this procedure comfortable and painless

How soon should I expect to see results? New collagen formation begins 30-90 days after treatment and can continue up to 6 months post-treatment. Studies show that improved pelvic health can reduce urinary incontinence.

How long does this procedure last? Clinical data has shown that this procedure has a lasting effect of 1 year or possibly longer! Some patients may choose to have a maintenance procedure performed.

Is there any downtime after Viveve? No! There is no downtime after this procedure. Most patients resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Does It Compare?

How does Viveve compare to others forms of help/treatment?

Incontience Routine Care

  • + Average $900 per year with absorbent pads, protection, and laundry
  • + Limitations: Not addressing underlying condition, merely coping with it

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

  • + Home pelvic floor muscle exercises “kegel’s”
  • + Home biofeedback (ie weighted vaginal cones)
  • + Supervised pelvic floor physical therapy
  • + Limitations: Compliance of ongoing 2-3 hours/week sessions, long term efficacy

Vaginal Inserts

  • + A pessary is a silicone device inserted into the vagina
  • + Pessaries push the urethra closed to help control urine leakage
  • + Limitations: Vaginal irritation, foul smelling discharge, and urinary tract infections


  • + Limitations: Lack depth of treatment, safety concerns


  • + Helps to support urethra and bladder
  • + Aims to stop or reduce urine leakage
  • + Limitations: Not a candidate, pain, hospital stay, prolonged recovery 6-8 weeks


  • + 1 time, in office procedure lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • + Safe and comfortable
  • + The ONLY treatment that targets all layers of vaginal tissue and treats the full depth of the lamina propria
  • + The lamina propria is the dense layer of vaginal connective tissue that provides elasticity, vascularization, and strength
  • + Clinically-proven treatment

Sexual wellness can be a difficult topic to address and can take a significant physical and emotional toll.

At Charlotte Skin & Laser, we understand that.

We provide complimentary consultations to evaluate if you are a candidate for Viveve and provide further education on how Viveve can impact your feminine freedom.

There is no time like the
present; what are you waiting for?

There is no time like the
present; what are you waiting for?