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What fat can be targeted? To help with unwanted areas of fat there are a number of options – minimally invasive to completely non-invasive. The only areas of fat that can be targeted are the areas just under the skin – the “pinch or grab” of unwanted fat. None of these methods work on the fat collected under the muscle – the so-called abdominal or visceral fat. So step one – you must have an area of fat under the skin that you can pinch or grab between your fingers.


A dermatologist can permanently remove a pocket of unwanted fat without making an incision. Non-invasive fat removal can be used on just about any body area. The belly, flanks (love handles), thighs, chin, neck, back, upper arms, and knees are all treatable.


Body contouring is a type of cosmetic procedure used to sculpt and define areas of the body through removal of excess stubborn fat. This provides many patients with the physique they’ve been hoping for but have never been able to achieve in the past.

Body-contouring procedures are generally quite versatile. Areas like the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, back, buttocks, chest, chin, jawline, knees, and ankles can all be reduced in volume.

Results are tailored for each specific case and look incredibly natural thanks to the experience of our skilled professionals. During consultations at Charlotte Skin & Laser, we can recommend the ideal treatment option for each patient based on their needs and goals.

3 Steps to Better Looking Skin

Mark It

If this is your first appointment or you are getting treatment in a new area, drawing a few small marks on the injection sites help to visualize the look.

Treat It

We will inject FILLER into your treatment areas. The FILLER only takes a few minutes to be injected. You may experience some mild redness, bruising, or soreness at the injection sites.

Cool It

A icepack will be provided to help with constrict blood vessels and slow the flow of blood to injection site. Reducing risk of bruising and swelling.


Depending on your personal preference, there are five different types of body contouring treatments to choose from. While you may get similar results with each type, these methods can look and feel vastly different. Once you understand the specifics of each procedure, you can choose your body sculpting treatments with confidence.



Body contouring is a process where the fat cells in trouble areas are targeted for removal. Surgical and non-surgical processes are available. This is in contrast to diet and exercise, in which fat cells merely shrink in size. With body contouring, these fat cells are permanently removed and cannot return.
With surgical body contouring, results can be seen immediately, with full results apparent once all swelling has diminished. With non-surgical body contouring, results can be gradual and can appear over the coming weeks and months.
The areas that were sculpted using body contouring may feel a bit swollen or tender for a time. Depending on the chosen treatment, warmth or numbness may be felt, or a small amount of temporary pain or discomfort.
When it comes to removal of excess fat, the results of body contouring are permanent. Excess fat cells, once treated, cannot return.
There may be minor side effects following your body-contouring treatment. Typical side effects can include temporary bruising, swelling, redness, and tenderness. A degree of pain may also be experienced; this can be treated with pain-control medication as directed.
Body contouring is an umbrella term used to describe a variety of procedures, including liposuction. Surgical, minimally invasive, and
non-invasive treatments all fall into the category of body contouring. Liposuction is surgical and is specifically for fat reduction, whereas body contouring is more generalized, may not be surgical, and can also include skin tightening.
It will be important to prepare for your body-contouring session. The exact preparation steps required will depend on the specific body-contouring procedure you are undergoing.

Generally, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption in the time leading up to the treatment session is highly recommended. This will help to avoid complications and a prolonged recovery period.

If your body contouring in Charlotte, NC, involves the use of radiofrequency energy, it will be important to remove all metal jewelry before your treatment session.