Patient Information

Biopsy Results

If you should have a biopsy performed during your skin exam in our clinic, we will send your sample(s) to a pathology lab.  Once we receive your pathology results, we will upload them to your Patient Portal.  This will allow for faster, more efficient communication of your results.  If needed, a nurse will contact you directly with your results.  If you have not received your results within a 3-week period, please notify our office immediately.

If you have questions, you can send a message to the nursing staff through the patient portal without having to call our direct line and leave a voicemail. 

Your patient portal is created when you complete your online medial history and patient registration.  When we upload your results to your portal, you will receive email notification from Once you open this email, you will click the link that directs you to “”. Log into your Patient Portal and at the top toolbar select “myChart” and then  select “Document Summary” to review your pathology report.

If you do not have internet access to use your Patient Portal, please let a nurse know during your visit and we will contact you by phone and postal mail with your biopsy results.