It’s Mask Season: Answers to your questions about masks

Keersten Jackson, Lead Aesthetician Keerstan Jackson, Lead Aesthetician at Charlotte Skin and Laser answers the most common questions she receives about treatment masks including how and why you should use one. Stay tuned next week for more information about treatment masks including how to choose the best one for your skin.

What Can Radiofrequency Do For My Skin?

What Can Radiofrequency Do For My Skin? By Elizabeth Rostan, MD Radiofrequency is an energy treatment that can be used to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and enhance overall appearance of facial and non-facial skin. RF treatments are very popular as many have little to no downtime and because they deliver such nice results for skin. What is radiofrequency and how does it make

Winter Skin Care

During the winter months our skin is exposed to a less humid environment and cold temperatures. Outdoor activities can also expose skin to wind, as well as cold. These factors can lead to dry and cracked skin making it more prone to itch, discomfort and rash. Below are some great tips for keeping your skin in great condition despite the elements: Avoid very hot showers. Use cleanser

Get the Upper Hand on Acne – Tackle the Clogged Pores

All acne lesions start with what is called the micro-comedome which goes on to be a comedome or clogged pore. Comedomes form from upper skin cell layers sticking together and not sloughing off, thus blocking the pore and causing build up of oil and debris in the pore. These build ups can be "open comedomes" which often have a black surface and are known as blackheads, or

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