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Acne Scarring: Regain Your Confidence

ACNE SCARRING Regain Your Confidence: Dr. Rostan’s Acne Scarring Treatment Guide Are acne scars causing you to feel insecure and frustrated? You're not alone. The good news is that there are highly effective treatments available that can help you achieve smoother, more even skin, and rebuild your confidence. In this blog post,

Who is the women behind Charlotte’s most pristine cosmetic practice?

Who is the women behind Charlotte’s most pristine cosmetic practice? Spring is right around the corner; you can sense the anticipation in every warm breeze on your skin and in every grain of pollen covering your car. That being said, you want to look your best when that time comes. But if you’re worried

Charlotte Skin and Laser got a literal facelift

The 100 block of Providence Road is now an exhibition space for public art with the addition of new large-scale wall sculpture, Santé, commissioned by Charlotte Skin and Laser from Charlotte-artist, Matthew Steele. Offering both a detailed and fractional survey of the human form, Matthew Steele’s installation connects the viewer to the building from a distance.

Office Temporarily Closed for COVID-19 Corona Virus

It has always been our philosophy to take the very best care of our patients by helping you look and feel your best.  This responsibility extends to our greater community in these uncertain times.  Because of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, Charlotte Skin & Laser will be temporarily closing as a precautionary measure, effective immediately. If

Solar Eclipse Signals Time for Renewal

Many of us felt fortunate to view the solar eclipse this week – either here in Charlotte or nearby areas that experienced 100% eclipse. The sight was amazing indeed. American Indian tribes across the country observe the eclipse in quiet contemplation as they anticipate renewal that this unique event is believed to bring. Many believe

Going to the PGA Championship this week?? Some tips for sun protection

The single best thing you can do for your skin is protect it from excessive sun exposure. For a day at the tournament I would recommend a minimum SPF of 30 – but not all sun blocks are created equal. Those containing zinc or titanium offer the best protection from UVB and UVA rays. Look

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