Anti-Aging Treatments

Erase Years, Reveal Timeless Beauty
Anti-Aging Treatments Charlotte NC



At Charlotte Skin & Laser, Dr. Elizabeth Rostan has developed the innovative “4 R’s of Rejuvenation” approach to comprehensively address the signs of aging. This holistic strategy encompasses Relaxing muscle movement, Renewing skin, Restoring volume, and Retightening tissue. By combining these four pillars, we create personalized treatment plans that not only turn back the clock but also enhance your natural beauty, leaving you looking refreshed and feeling confident.

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RELAX: Lines of Muscle Movement

Our muscle-relaxing treatments offer a quick and effective solution to dynamic wrinkles, helping you look more youthful and refreshed without compromising your natural expressions.

  • Botox: The gold standard in wrinkle reduction, Botox softens expression lines for a more relaxed look.
  • Xeomin:A purified formulation that precisely targets frown lines and crow’s feet.
  • Dysport: Fast-acting and natural-looking, Dysport smooths wrinkles while maintaining facial expressiveness.
  • Juveau: The newest neurotoxin on the market, offering effective wrinkle reduction with a modern edge.
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