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Cancellation Policy


We have been experiencing an increased number of last minute cancellations and no-shows resulting in large gaps in our daily schedule. These gaps have become a problem for us because it makes it difficult for our providers and staff to use their time effectively and efficiently. We now find it necessary to introduce a new payment policy when scheduling appointments so that we can reduce these late cancellations and no-shows.

Aesthetician & Cosmetic Appointments
You will be asked to pay a $50.00 deposit for all aesthetic and/or cosmetic appointments that you schedule. Your $50.00 deposit will be used to pay a no-show/cancellation fee IF YOU DO NOT RESCHEDULE OR CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT AT LEAST 2 WORKING DAYS (WE ARE CLOSED SAT AND SUN) PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTED TIME. If you keep your appointment as scheduled, or reschedule it more than 2 days in advance, your deposit will be credited towards your visit and you will be asked to pay the difference upon checkout. If you need to cancel your appointment and it is done in the allotted time, your deposit will be refunded to you.

Medical Dermatology Appointments
You will be required to pay a $25.00 non refundable deposit after you have cancelled with less than a 2 day advance notice or no-showed more than 2 times.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience our new policy may cause you. Unfortunately, it is needed so we can continue to provide you with the highest quality of service and care that you expect from Dr. Rostan and her staff.