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Father's Day Gift Ideas that He'll Love!

Looking for last minute Father’s Day gift ideas? Skip your typical “go-to” (golf gloves, world’s best dad mug) this year and celebrate the important men in your life with one of the unique options below that he’ll be sure to love!


  1. MiraDry- Give dad the gift of confidence this year with this non-invasive treatment that provides long lasting underarm sweat and odor reduction! That’s right, no more yellow shirt stains or hard to wash off antiperspirants!! Take $300 off his first treatment during the month of June! The results of this treatment are long lasting so this is definitely a gift he won’t forget!
  1. CoolSculpting- Keep it cool for dad this year and help him get rid of stubborn body fat! Coolsculpting eliminates fat cells without surgery, incisions, anesthesia or downtime giving him a slimmer, firmer body- who wouldn’t want that?!   
  1. Laser Hair Removal- Instead of gifting a new high tech razor; opt for laser hair removal sessions! This is the perfect solution for men that suffer from razor bumps caused by frequent shaving or just have unwanted hair in areas like the back or ears!   Treatments are quick and painless and can be performed in as little as 15 minutes
  1. FacialsMen like to be pampered too! Get dad a gift certificate for a facial tailored to meet his skin care needs resulting in a more refreshed and healthy complexion!
  1. Skin Care- Does Dad keep taking your favorite skin care products?! Help him put some oomph into his routine this Fathers Day by purchasing a gift certificate for skin care products and complimentary skin care consultation! A member of our staff will guide him through selecting the right products for his skin care needs. This one will definitely keep his hands off that favorite face wash of yours!


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